ILIFE X623 Ultra Slim 7.2cm Self-rechargeable Vacuum / Mopping Cleaning Robot with 300ml Detachable Water Tank

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• Upgraded i-Dripping System with 300ml Water Tank
• iGen 2 CyclonePower™ 3-stage cleaning system
• Abrasion-resistant Temper-glass Machine Surface
• 400ml ABS Dust Box with 3-tier HEPA Filtration
• 300ml ABS Water Tank allowed 180㎡ of Mopping Area
• 7.2cm Ultra Slim Design, Virtual Wall System
• Imported 1000pa NIDEC Brush-less High Torque Motor
• 15° Slope Scrambling Ability, 4 Cleaning Mode
• 2,600mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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Model X623 / A6
Controlling Mode ON/OFF Switch, One-touch control and Remote Control

Having troubles to clean dirt, dust, hair, tangled particles and other hard to clean?

Want to avoid respiratory and indoor allergens issues caused by dirt deeply hidden inside the carpet?

Want a more powerful and smarter robot vacuum who knows how to clean your home better?

The X623 is specifically designed to help you take care of tough home cleaning from carpet, wood and tile surfaces, from dust, dirt, and hair, from underneath furniture, rooms, and corners. X623, just be there when it's needed.

Upgraded i-Dripping Foor Mopping Feature with 300ml Water Tank • Hybrid Cleaning with Dry/Wet Mop (performs the Vacuum Cleaning and Mop Cleaning by switching Dust Box and Water Tank) • One Machine with 2 Boxes (Dust Box + Water Tank) • 300ml ABS Dust Box with 3-tier HEPA Filtration • 300ml ABS Water Tank allowed 120 minutes of Water Supply, 180㎡ of Mopping Area • Gen 2 CyclonePower™ 3-stage cleaning system, a brand new technology that combined of agitation, brushing, and suction delivers the through and complete cleaning performance • MiniRoom™ mode, the technology helps room cleaning more precisely with its advanced algorithm software to prolong lifespan of robot and easily more energy saving just by 2 clicks on the button • Effective Cleaning with the Gen 2, 1000pa (16,000RMP) NIDEC Brush-less High Torque Motor generates up to 10X the air power on carpets & rugs, every floor stypes and even more • With deep cleaning double V-shaped bristle brush, it’s not only related to the high-powered dirt pickup capability, it's about all floor surfaces tasks handled • Large Nano-fabric Mopping Cloth • Abrasion-resistant Temper-glass Machine Surface, more durable and better feel, The high-gloss jet black finish was achieved through a new feat of design engineering with a remarkably precise, anodization and polishing in nine steps. what it presents you is so purely and indeed black • Slim and Sleek like never before, the only7.2cm lower profile body is specifically designed to fit beneath most furniture, beds and kickboards like never before, plus the thinner, the better • 15° Slope Scrambling Ability (climb up to 15mm of doorsil or carpet to clean every corner of the house) • 20 pairs of infrared sensors in front part intelligently avert the occurrence of collision; 3 pairs in bottom could effectively avoid Cliff-falling • 3 Cleaning Modes namely Auto cleaning mode, Spot cleaning mode and Edge cleaning mode • Automatically docks and recharges, with the gen 2 Energy Base charging station enhanced the charging rate • 2,600mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, up to 160 Mins working time on a single charge over all other robot vacuums, cleaning more areas with less recharging to extend the lifespan of battery • Clean on your schedule, with the smart schedule mode, A6 provides you every day's cleaning.

Rated Power Rated Voltage: 100-240V AC / 22W (Battery Charging: Above 4 hours (First 3 Times), 3-4 hours (Seasoned))
Product: 31.0 X 31.0 X 7.2cm
Boxed: 58.6 X 40.0 X 13.7cm
Product Weight Approx. 2.5 Kg
Boxed Weight Approx. 5.4 Kg
Warranty 1 Year
Standard 3C Standard
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