ECOVACS WINBOT W830 Intelligent Window Cleaning Robot

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Award-winning robotics with a smart suction fan to clean even horizontal surfaces • Cleans framed and unframed glass of any thickness - including Thermopane AND frosted or textured glass • Pathfinder navigation calculates a custom cleaning path for speed and efficiency, while intelligently avoiding edges and obstacles Simple • 3-step operation - Spray, Power On, Start • Serious about safety, with powerful dual suction rings, battery backup and a safety pod/tether

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Model WINBOT W830
Controlling Mode On/OFF, Auto, Remote Control

The evolution of Window Cleaning Robots continues - not just windows anymore! Thanks to its smart suction fan, W830 cleans more surfaces including vertical glass, framed or frameless glass, frosted, filmed or colored glass, horizontal surfaces and more. W830 is smart and simple to use with one touch operation and automatic 'N' or 'Z' cleaning paths. Simply place the microfiber cleaning pad on the WINBOT W830, spritz pad, switch it ON, place it on the window and press start. It also has sensors to stop W830 from moving across window frames, intelligently identify window edges and obstacles while leaving surfaces shining. W830’s competitive price point makes it a practical necessity. Add windows to your home robot lineup - with WINBOT W830.

Thanks to its advanced fan technology, WINBOT 830 quietly cleans many different glass surfaces. Compact and light-weight, WINBOT 830 is the smallest robot in the WINBOT series and is designed to clean smaller windows (50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in) using a wrap-around Cleaning Pad and strong suction power. Multiple hi-tech sensors enable WINBOT 830 to identify and navigate around obstacles for a thorough, effective clean.

Award Winning Robotics
WINBOT is an award winning line of window cleaning robots, frequently recognized for its patented technologies and innovations by leading industry organizations. In addition, WINBOT is a unique product in the home-robotics industry, developed exclusively by ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

Advanced Fan Technology
WINBOT 830 uses a high-speed fan motor for strong suction, better stability and deep cleaning. At 19,000 rotations per minute, the W830 window cleaning robot stays safely attached to the glass, while cleaning the area thoroughly!

Dual Cleaning Path Options and Memory
Press the Start button on the robot to get W830 cleaning automatically in an N-Shaped Cleaning Path, or choose the Z-Shaped Cleaning Path using the Remote Control. WINBOT 830 moves intelligently along wide, horizontal and tall, vertical windows, it remembers where it left off after a pause, and resumes cleaning from that same spot so that all areas are covered.

Pathfinder Navigation
Pathfinder Technology automatically scans and calculates the size of your windows and mirrors, then programs a custom path for maximum cleaning speed and efficiency. Plus, a sophisticated on-board computer and multiple sensors help WINBOT W830 intelligently avoid edges and obstacles, leaving your windows and mirrors shining.

Framed and Frameless
WINBOT W830 automatically cleans framed or frameless windows, mirrors, sliding glass doors, shower stalls, glass railings and more. W830 can even clean frosted, filmed or colored glass. Any size, inside or outside. Multiple hi-tech sensors enable W830 to identify the edge of the glass, and change direction without interrupting interrupting its cleaning. You just enjoy the view.

Small Size, Big Cleaning Power
The lightweight W830 window cleaning robot is the smallest robot in the WINBOT series, designed to fit in smaller windows (50x50 cm), while still using strong suction power to clean effectively.

Edge Detection Technology
WINBOT 830 is perfectly suitable for frameless windows due to its Ball Sensors that allows it to intelligently detect the edges of frameless glass and prevent the window cleaning robot from falling.

Suitable for Many Types of Glass
The W830 window cleaning robot can perform its cleaning magic on different types of glass. From frosted windows to colored and tinted windows, and even Thermopane, WINBOT 830 can make every glass window sparkling shine!

Simple 3-Step Operation
Cleaner windows are only 3 steps away: The window cleaning robot efficiently covers the cleaning area and returns to its starting point for easy retrieval! Effortless and effective!

Remote Control
The remote control allows you to conveniently start, pause and manage the direction of your WINBOT 830 from a distance!

Uninterrupted Power Supply
The power supply went out suddenly? Don't worry about it! WINBOT 830 has an on-board Back-up Power System that allows it to stay on the window for at least 15 minutes after a power outage.

Safety Pod & Tether
Ain't no window high enough that WINBOT 830 can't reach! By adding the Extension Cord, the Power Cord can reach up to 4.3 meters long, and with the Safety Pod and Tether, cleaning high rise windows is safer than ever!

Serious About Safety
The suction fan keeps W830 sealed to the glass, the on-board Back-Up Battery maintains suction should the wall outlet power fail, and every WINBOT model comes with a Safety Pod System. W830 also has real-time audio and visual warning signals on both sides of the robot so you will always know its working status. Safety? Done.

Rated Power Rated Power: 75W / Rated Voltage: 100V-240V / Frequency: 50-60Hz (Battery Charging: 3-4 hours)

Machine: 22.0 X 22.0 X 10.5cm
Boxed: 50.0 X 14.5 X 29.0cm

Product Weight Approx. 1.3 Kg
Boxed Weight Approx. 4.2 Kg
Warranty 1 Year
Standard 3C Standard
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