Chef Topf La Rose Ceramic Coating Cookware / Frying Pan / Wok

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Brand Chef Topf (Korea)
Model La Rose Collection

La Rose
La Rose launched in the year 2012, not a new product in Korea. Although it was selling in the Korea market for a long time, La Rose is still popular among the housewives.

Ceramic coating cookware
Ceramic coating cookware has a non-stick ceramic surface which is easy to clean. It does not discharge harmful gasses during cooking.

Why we recommend this
It looks elegant and presentable. Lightweight, durable and easy to use. The manufacturer of Chef Tops is Samkwang, a well-known food container maker in Korea. Their main product - Glasslock is an eco-friendly brand and selling around the world. We trust their quality.


1. If you heat the product without any contents for a long time, you might be exposed to the danger of fire.
2. Before you use the product after purchasing it, wash it thoroughly with boiling water and cleanser.
3. Since aluminum has high thermal conductivity, we recommend you to use the products over medium heat.
4. Avoid using a sharp spatula as it might ruin coating.
If you scratch or hit the product much, the coating may be ruined.
5. Remove food from the product after cooking. The product can be used longer if you cleanse and keep it after cooking.
6. You must use gloves or towel when you hold the product because it is a whole casting product and has high thermal conductive and preservation features.
7. Food may overflow if you put too many contents inside the product.
It is recommended to apply some oil when you use frying pan.
8. Avoid to stack all the products together because coating may be ruined, so try to keep the product away from each other.
9. Unsuitable to be used on induction cooker and in a microwave.

Warranty 3 Months
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